Recycle It!: Kevin Michael Advises You To 'Use Your Heart'

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ahhhh, 90's R&B....

Okay, I know, I know, it's not the end all of R&B music periods, but it's the nostalgia attached to it that makes me a bit bias towards it. How if you didn't like one girl group---there were about twenty others to choose from. How feverish stanning didn't exist, as Brandy and Monica could be equally liked and lauded. Men...were men, they crooned, swooned, and the begged like nobody's business, and even dedicated music videos that left little to the imagination (D'Angelo and Maxwell---I'm looking at you). While I cringe at the fashion choices I made, the era had a lot going for it musically.

Kevin Michael he understands this. He's near my age, and he grew up with this bevy of soulful grind going around, which is why I have no qualms of him covering SWV's "Use Your Heart"--at all. He's been more than capable of covering a tune as his Covers For You set was released earlier this year and he handled himself on Adele's "Rolling In The Deep" and other tunes nicely. So now he's tackling the keynote track off of SWV's 1996 New Beginning album and well, he nails it. He doesn't change The Neptunes classic production, he just lays down a charming vocal and possess the same coo and yearn Coko and the girls gave originally. It's a homage well worth applauding. Take a listen (and also take a free download) of the track, and pop after the cut to see SWV in all of their 1996 glory singing a live version of one of their best tunes.

Kevin Michael - Use Your Heart [DL]

[Side Note: Those who were searching milk cartons for Kevin Michael's mug will be pleased to know that he has released his second album, International, for the Japan market. You can pop over to his Bandcamp page for further information and listens. No word on if Kevin (or K as he was going by for a spell) is still working in his side group, They, but wonders never cease as this cat is always working the independent grind and making quality stuff.]

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