Take 5 Friday: Chasing TLC, Adele & The Black Keys

Friday, December 2, 2011

1.  Chasing Bio-Pics: Just when I've been listening to nothing but TLC all week, along comes a curious news item that concerns them. Ironic, isn't it? VH1 is prepping to launch a music bio-pic series because it finally dawned on them that *shock! awe!*---they are an actual music channel. The Hollywood Reporter relayed that the first project VH1 is cooking up is a tele-film about the R&B trio. This tele-film will be penned by Kate Lanier who was responsible for the scripts of Tina Turner's bio-pic, 1993's What's Love Got To Do With It and---no judgey judge--- Mariah Carey's 2001 flick flop, Glitter. You can breathe easy again because T-Boz and Chilli have signed on as consultants and executive producers for the project. The flick is said to chronicle the band's formation, their impact on the music scene throughout the 90's, and the tragic passing of it's member, the spitfire spunktress herself, Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes. Yes, the group's issues with bankruptcy and the infamous house burning incident will also be brought to light---because that's the meaty soap operatic stuff that makes a bio-pic. As TLC are some of my she-ro's and one of my all-time favorite groups, this flick is right up my alley. Not to mention it sounds like it's going to be a delicious blend of Behind The Music and a over-the-top Lifetime movie. Can't wait. *rubs hands together*

2.  El Camino: I have been meaning to say some words about Bluesiest duo from Ohio, The Black Keys after coming oh-so-late to listening to last year's Brothers---and now is the time to say some thangs. As there are a few albums left for me to digest before I start compiling my 'Adventures In 2011' year-end wrap-up, The Black Keys' El Camino is one of those last albums in the barrel that I'm looking forward to getting immersed in. Produced by Danger Mouse, and already in high anticipation after the quirky promo video for single, "Lonely Boy" went viral, the duo is keeping the momentum going by teasing fans to five songs on the album before it drops next Tuesday---how generous of them! Listen to five out of six tracks from El Camino (you have to hear "Little Black Submarines" and "Sister" before the day closes---juicy stuff) on the Black Keys' official page to whet the whistle for what's to come soon.

3. Bevy & A GunMama's Gun is yet another band that I have told myself over and over and over to get into based on recommendations from some trusted musical compadres. Plus any band whose derived their name from Erykah Badu's 2001 album is automatically going to be something special and welcomed. So now, along comes Beverley Knight (whose been a real busy bee this year) to reel me in further to the British funktet and what a neat little surprise their single, "Only One" turns out to be. For the video they are having a full out jam session that is an instant mood lift, it's really all-around niiiice. Sounds like I'm going to have to seek out a listen to Mama Gun's recent album, Life & Soul before the year expires. Oh yes, definitely.

4. Adele Domination: Even though re-cooperating from throat complications sidelined Adele on the touring circuit, she still managed to have one of the best weeks ever...

  • Live From Royal Albert Hall CD/DVD was released, and if you've never been to an Adele show (like moi)---it's like a total replacement, sans seeing the beads of sweat, sniffing the same air as Adele, getting pushed up on by over-zealous and smelly strangers in the audience, etc. Her renditions of Bonnie Raitt's "I Can't Make You Love Me" and The Cure's "Love Song" are among the many highlights. I just adore live videos/albums so yay! all the way for this.
  • Now that the Grammy nominations are out of the bag (with a few shockers in tow), Adele was a no-brainer for snagging the top categories. She's got six noms in total, including 21 for Album of The Year. Since the Grammy board tend to be a fickle bunch, Adele might either have an an India.Arie circa 2002 moment or a Michael Jackson circa 1984 moment---I'm hoping for the latter.
  • For a more gossipy bit, Adele gained some support from Mama Monster, Lady Gaga this week after some of Gaga's fans pounded on keyboards to spread around (lame) jabs at Adele, especially focusing on her weight. Once again, I'll never understand the way people make fandoms such a blood bath. Why can't you like both Adele and Gaga? What is criminal about that? Sometimes I feel I should teach a class on Music Junkie Etiquette, because there are some fans/stans who totally miss the point of art---it's subjective, not to mention have lack for tact and constructive opinions when it comes to putting their favorites on a pedestal and stepping on others. Thankfully Gaga spoke out about the ordeal in an attempt to not provoke enemies and to calm shit down. Sisterhood in motion---it's a beautiful thing.

5. Putting A Ring On It: Kimbra is a name I hope will become big come 2012. I mentioned about her, oh, awhile back, and I'm still stuck on her debut album, Vows. It's deliciously good with "Cameo Lover" and "Good Intent" leading the pack of goodies. This live rendition of "Plain Gold Ring" (which has hints of Nina Simone in it) happened a month ago on a show called, Rockwiz, but this is the first "live" video I've seen of Kimbra outside of polished up music videos, and I have to say, she is the real deal.

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