Album Watch: Experiencing CocknbullKid's 'Adolescent Behavior'

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Before she was 'counting the seconds to adulthood' Anita Blay (street name: CocknbullKid) was wallowing in 'adolescence' trying to find her way in the cunning mist that is the music industry. Floating around the inter-webs currently, is Adolescence, a collection of tracks the singer recorded in the mid-to-late 2000's that are surely to surprise those who weren't aware that Blay had a sort of stripped down/spacey Prince-y/UK Janelle MonĂ¡e vibe preceding the piano-pop turn she takes on now. I've listened to a few of these songs prior (especially "I'm Sorry" and "Boys and Girls") and can totally understand why the shift in style prompted those to dislike what Adulthood was (though it was one of my top 10 records last year). Still it's really funny how the music industry can sort of clay mold an artist to make them fit in with all the rest, isn't it?

Adolescence wasn't officially released by the singer---so know that it's one of those deals. Still it's free, a neat companion piece to Adulthood, and it's an interesting look back at what folks were expecting of Blay on her debut, but (sorely) didn't get.

DL: Adolescence 


  1. Thanks for this --I immediately downloaded it and love it--like you I'd heard some of these songs - I"m not sorry, Boys and Girls-some on her website as she was preparing Adulthood and some others from her Querelle EP which is still on iTunes under Thecocknbullkid (it's got 2 other songs not here - Kiss Kiss Kill and Clean Apart) . At first I was disappointed with Adulthood - I loved "I'm not sorry" when it came out (catch her singing it on Jools Holland) - but Adulthood is quite an infectious intelligent pop album and this music game is tough. I like to think she compromised with her own stamp on pop on Adulthood which does make it offer something different from your average Katy Perry pop -although the number of people who have heard Adulthood compared to Katy Perry is another matter:( (And the irony is that for all her compromise it didn't maybe bring the results she might have hoped in terms of distribution of her music - but who knows what album 2 might bring? One can dream.

  2. Gracie: Thanks for reminding me about "Clean Apart" that was the other song I was thinking about but couldn't remember for the life of me what it was! And I even blogged about it---silly me, lol! I had it on my old computer, and I need to get it again.

    You'd dead on about 'Adulthood' being an intelligent pop record that doesn't fit in with what is playing on Top 40---thus it's being ignored. I haven't heard the Katy Perry comparisons, but I can understand why they were made. I too agree that maybe if this album didn't gain her the results she wanted, maybe she can shift her sound for the next round. *shrug* It'd be interesting to see if she does that. It's kind of interesting listening to 'Adolescence' and hearing the 'what could have been'. Still she has found a balance that works, unlike some people. Jessie J is another example of some artists' attempts at sort of 'dumbing down' their sound to fit in. Just a weird survival tactic.


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