Audio Vision: Kylie Gives Some Fine (Classical) Feelings

Friday, January 27, 2012

The idea of a Pop dame like Kylie Minogue going all string n' bow Classical might get some red flags flipping up, but one listen to her re-imaging of her 1991 hit, "Finer Feelings" in a orchestral guise, might change a couple of minds, and shut a couple of flaps. Though it may be far-fetched to believe, but Ms. Minogue has been in the music biz for 25 years, and she's celebrating that fact by releasing surprises and "gifts" for her long supportive fans throughout the year she's dubbing, K25. The first crop of surprises are performances of her at the legendary Abbey Road studios covering some of her biggest hits in Classical/Standard re-fashion, re-fashions that are slated for a special album to appear later this year.

'It's no secret' that Kylie isn't an Mariah or a Whitney---but hell, they don't even sound like themselves currently, so Brownie points go to Kylie for her attempting to step out of her comfort zone to put a new spin on vintage favorites. And you know what? She doesn't sound half bad, as it's a real return to the classic symphonic she wove into her 1994 self-titled album---which was by far my favorite album of hers and doubled as proof that Kylie was more than just a soap-star turned singer, that she could fit her sweet coo into rich material. Frothing up the magic of her hit from '91's severely underrated Let's Get To It (which was one of the first inks to Kylie dabbling in R&B), Kylie keeps things quite 'klassy' indeed with a 24-piece orchestra in tow. Can't wait to hear the other re-fashions! Peep the performance after the cut, and as an added bonus, the original clip of "Finer Feelings" is for your viewing pleasure as well.


  1. This woman is EVERYTHING. Do you hear? This is how you make pop relevant in this new decade. So mature & lovely. Brava!-QH

  2. QH: I think you and I are the only people of color who appreciate Kylie Minogue...LOL! I always feel alone in my Kylie love. I could be wrong, so maybe we need to start a club or something...

    I don't think Kylie has EVER disappointed me with anything she's done, she's always doing something exciting. She may not have the best voice in the world, but like Madonna, she always keeps you guessing with the next turn. I just adore her immensely for that. Looking for to celebrating 25 years. I need to do a retrospective or something by year's end....

  3. @ Jennifer, there are more of us out there. We can't lose hope! Lol. I want to share something I did last fall you have missed, my listing of (my) favorite singles (20 of them) my the Maiden Minogue:

    Check it out & comment if you like. Maybe you can do your own and we can compare & contrast. I'll be checking back to you Sam Sparro (Yay that he's confirmed the album!) and Madonna posts today or sometime in the next 72 hours, lol.-QH

  4. I loved that piece you did on Kylie. I didn't get a chance to comment it on it at the time, but I thought you did a fab job on it. Definitely a lot of my favorites were on that list.

    I've been thinking of doing something similar, especially since Kylie is celebrating 25 years, I'll see what I can cook up :)


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