First Impression: Santigold's Got A Big Mouth

Thursday, January 19, 2012

So while others (like yours truly) were fist pumping their right to creative freedom due to the SOPA/PIPA online strike yesterday, Santigold snuck her way in with a brand-new song from Master Of My Make-Believe, her hotly anticipated follow-up to her fantastical 2008 debut. Santigold has been vocal a number of times times about her album and her disdain for the plastic culture of today's society, and in a recent interview with V Magazine, she continued to back those claims of her trying to call-out all the fakers.

However you want to slice it, Santigold is passionate about her beliefs, and she sharpens her claws and lets them all fly out on the diss track of "Big Mouth", which takes some stabs at Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Her Not-So-Fetchness Lindsay Lohan. The song itself, which you can snag for free at Santi's homebase, rocks on a meaty Afro-beat sound. Though it feels a tad recycled, it's still hyper-kinetic enough for me to have it on a listening loop. To make the full circle, is the crudely drawn cartoonish music video that resembles a Sponge Bob Squarepants episode that is best enjoyed with a blunt or two, just due to the wackiness---it's pure high-end entertainment. Seriously, I'm glad to see (and hear) that Santigold hasn't diluted her quirkiness, though I'm kinda surprised at the shade throwing she's got going here....then again why am I asking for so much? Plus it's not like I disagree with her...

Still hoping she brings it just a little bit harder on the rest of Master Of My Make-Believe when it drops later this year. Pop after the cut to view and hear "Big Mouth"---it's sure to draw you out of your crawl towards the weekend.

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