First Impressions: Groove N' Move To Teen Daze and Lemy Leopard

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Could 2012 be the year that dance/club music gets some more respect? One can sort of wonder, especially when the first born of this year's music provokes moves that could warrant a broken lamp (or a broken leg). I'm practically dancing all kinds of jigs and sweating my perm over these tracks mainly because nothing feels better than to start the new year off with some kinetic sounds. It is true that people nowadays believe that dancing in public is well...uncouth, and a gateway to embarrassment, but I always say---that's half the fun. If you're into a never-ending-groove, then try this duo on for size.

Sometimes I can be a skeptic, and skeptic I was about Teen Daze's "Let's Groove". Thinking, that this couldn't possibly be THE Earth Wind & Fire seminal 1981 slam-a-jam (a jam that never fails to brighten my mood at first note), a definite eyebrow went up when it was in fact said suspicion. As a 'Elements' purist, someone who was born and raised on Phillip Bailey's high-pitched vocals and Verdine White's basslicks, I have to say that this re-imagining of one of post-disco's finest is pretty damn righteous. Teen Daze, a producer/DJ out of British Columbia, has beefed up this classic, showering it with even more razzle-dazzle synths and a surging groove ready for the clubs. It's still as highly danceable as the original, and will still make you want to put a shiny, glittering Jetson-esque get-up on layaway. The track is fantastically free if you wanna continue the party well past this blog post time.

Let's Groove

It's no secret that I love me some House music as I've mentioned it oh....about a couple of times. Over the holiday weekend I caught the hilariously awkward 1995 flick, Party Girl, starring Parker Posey ('He-He-Hello'!) and was delighted over how it's soundtrack was seeped in that bold 90's House that I grew up on. This track, by newcomer, Lemy Leopard, is a nice chaser to the flim viewage as it carries in that same repetitive tradition---literally it feels like a track out of time. "Stay But House Me" weaves in bits n' pieces of Ben E. King's classic "Stand By Me", but you really don't notice it as you sweat it up and get lost in the thicket of beats. Leopard's newest EP, Safari is making waves later this month, but for five minutes take this one in.

Stay But House Me

Camino: Streogum /BamaLoveSoul

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