First Impressions: Love Moves In Afro Blue, Thanks To Robert Glasper

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Shame on me for not talking more about Jazz pianist Robert Glasper around these parts more often. To rectify that, there is nothing but good news coming from his camp for the new year. Glasper, along with his Experiment trio, are releasing their first full-length, Black Radio this year and to get hyped for the occasion he's enlisted a drove of artists I love to guest star, and they include, Meshell Ndegeocello, Bilal, Ledisi, Lalah Hathaway, Lupe Fiasco---and really, that's just a portion of talent present. Also on that roster is the beloved KING, whose EP The Story is no joke (and my top EP of last year) and whose career is on the climb. So for those of you itching to hear something beyond what that trio of ladies conjured up on The Story, then hearing them saddle up to the Experiment on "Move Love" will show that they aren't just a fluke. What you'll hear is a real feast of Soul serenity where Jazz piano and KING's penchant for dreamy n' creamy electronic soul collide. To sweeten the deal, the track is free for you to grab over at Glasper's official site. Another talent on board is none other than Miss Erykah Badu, who lends a lovely hand on the John Coltrane classic, "Afro Blue"...and well, after hearing it, I've come to the swift conclusion that February 28th can't come soon enough, because Black Radio is a project I can't wait to unwrap.

Move Love (feat. KING)

Afro Blue (feat. Erykah Badu)


  1. Just by watching the recent Robert Glasper EPK on YouTube, I can tell this record is going to be amazing.

  2. Philip Clark:

    Yeah I took a peek at that vid and that just made me hungry for more! Really stoked for this project.


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