First Impressions: The Mystery Of Sandie Black

Thursday, January 19, 2012

I love a good mystery and this one is a real corker.

Picture in-box, at around oh, one in the morning. I can't sleep, the glow of the laptop screen isn't helping matters so I'm forced to occupy my insomnia by being lured into weeding through e-mails, looking for distractions. Suddenly one piece of mail catches my eye. Opening it there is a link to a Bandcamp page, a lone and mysterious link.

What is this? Is this spam? If I click on it will I get weak, stale tunage? Or will I stay in Wonderland and see how deep the rabbit hole goes? My curiosity has gotten to me and it is one in the morning so naturally I'm bored--click on the link I shall. A picture of a police car with 'Sadie Black' spray-painted on it and a doughnut shop against a dusk backdrop, greet me.  Off to the side are a few blunt descriptions: Toronto, hip-hop, alternative, soul, house, R&B, rock...and a free download of a track called "Get Free". "Okay, I will," I thought. So I press play.....

Now I'm hearing some kind of Janelle MonĂ¡e meets J*Davey meets Idle Warship wonderment, tempo-changes, guitar riffs, sharp lyrical flows, dreamy decadence...just real aural goodness that must be shared. So here I am, posting my "clues", and really no word on who or what Sandie Black is. It's a pure mystery, and one I hope to solve soon....

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