Song Stuck In My Head: Madonna - Masterpiece

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Was waiting for an official call for this, but I guess winning a Golden Globe (plus getting some heee-larious shade from Elton John) warrants the belief that yes, "Masterpiece" isn't a mirage that Madonna's hungry fans have cooked's a tangible tune, and a jump-start to what is to come music wise for her this year. Madonna recorded "Masterpiece" for W.E., the film she directed about the love affair of King Edward VIII and American socialite Wallis Simpson becoming an obsession with a modern-day New Yorker. While that last bit is pretty interesting, "Masterpiece" is more than just background music.

Somehow I underestimated Madonna (I mean, you heard Hard Candy...) and with her currently working with clown car escapees like M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj it kind of had my side-eye in a twitch. Still this song is good. Even better than good. I heard it in demo passing, but hearing it now in full polished form I have to say that Madonna oddly excels at doing slower-tempos. Though I hear a lot of parallels to ballads past ("Take A Bow", "The Power Of Goodbye", and of Who's That Girl's underrated, "The Look Of Love"), I'd still like to add "Masterpiece" to another exhibit of how Madonna can pull off a dreamy ballad with lots of effectiveness. Madonna has often been in desire to be in the throws of the A-List acting elite, but what she does best is right here on this song. 

Madonna - Masterpiece


  1. Stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to show some blog luv!def enjoyed this post! madonna has always been one of my fav artist! hope she stays around for as long as possible!

  2. Madonna has kind of hurt me as a fan since 2008. I don't understand the lack of confidence & need to peddle to such petty denominators. It isn't a good look, but being the faithful fan I am (I did BUY "Hard Candy" knowing how awful it was), I will be buying her new album.

    This song is a bit classier than the lone classic on "Hard Candy" which is "Miles Away," but doesn't touch her last, glass-like ballad beauty "Intervention" from the (unsung) "American Life" LP. Either way, it could be worse. It could be "Give It To Me" all over again. As sensible Madonna fans let us be thankful & pray that the final album comes together.

    Plus, L-O-L @ the "clown car escapades" line, I fell out of my seat (literally) with laughter at that line.-QH

  3. Ms. Composure:
    Thanks for finding me and glad to have you aboard :) Madonna is one of my faves as well so expect Madge love here!

    In the same boat with you about Madonna. Love her, hate the new direction she went in back in '08. 'Hard Candy' isn't too awful for me, just that it's not good, lol. "Miles Away" and "Beat Goes On" were my key tracks. I was thinking "Masterpiece" was gonna be along that vein, but it surprised me thinking that maybe she'll 'act her age' and do something fun as well as provocative. There is some news about Madge's new set being managed by William Orbit and I kind of sighed relief about that!

    LOL! I cannot deal with M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj. I didn't get the hype for M.I.A. at all, all I hear is just screams, and really Santigold sort of slays her, IMO. As for Nicki...she...she needs a hug, haha!


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