Audio Vision: Catching All 90's Feelings With SWV and Jon B's Returns

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I'm checking my calendar. Why? I'm making sure it's really 2012 because it feels like I'm doing the time warp again with my 90's childhood thanks to the likes of Brandy and Monica reuniting, as well as D'AngeloSWV, and Jon B resurfacing in these past couple of months. Seriously, since we're resurrecting all these 90's R&B alumni, can someone page Tevin Campbell, Brownstone, or Monifah? I mean, if  we're going do this the right way...

It's not "Weak" or "Use Your Heart", but "Co-Sign" is a nice recall to the R&B days of yore for this trio. Off of their pending comeback record, I Miss Us, SWV have sort of sparked the notion that there is just not enough girl groups going around these parts anymore---and well, I miss that united girl power. In the 90's it seemed you got whiplash from a new one cropping up every second, and well, with the changing music market, pushing a solo artist seems the most lucrative and manageable in some aspects. Still, since R&B is on life support right now, SWV's return feels warmly welcomed and who knows what might spark? Directed by famed dual personalities photographer, Derek Blanks, the video for "Co-Sign" is pretty straight-forward and basic. No explosions, no epileptic seizure warnings, not even a long-winded overblown story-line where someone is supposed to get exorcised or come out of egg---here we just see the ladies chilling with their husbands and families and enjoying their company while keeping it classy and gimmick-free. What a refresher!

Somewhere down the line I forgot about Jon B. He was Justin Timberlake before Justin Timberlake, right? Or really Jon was so blended into the R&B/Soul market, he was akin to the male Teena Marie, as color was not even noted (and really who thought this dude was a brother at first....). So I haven't been checking for the guy in long while...try 1998 when Cool Relax and "They Don't Know" had my middle school heart getting all twisted up. That's a long time. Fact of the matter is Jon has been releasing albums well into the 2000's his last being in 2008, but he's on the come-up of something a bit more mainstream with his new song and video for single, "Only One"---which is actually pretty damn decent.

Somewhere between the brutal lyrics and skeevy vibes of what Canadian spooky brood The Weeknd have done on their trio of EP's, a yawn escaped from me because well cats like Jon B have been doing the falsetto midnight come-ons for years and get little credit for it. But of course the Instagrammy crowd thinks all of this is brand spanking new...le sigh. On "Only One" he kind of brings the babymaking game back 'round, as well as adds a little of 21st Century flavor to it. Based on this, who would've thought I'd be checking for an album by Jon B entitled Comfortable Swagg in 2012? The adventures music takes me on...

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