First Impressions: Madonna's Gone Wild

Monday, February 27, 2012

One thing that can be said about Madonna's newest sound slice, "Girl Gone Wild" is that it's popping like like some Bubbalicious gum, and you can just taste the grit of sugar when you play it. It will probably get your rump poppin' in all directions with the proper remix, so having a chiropractor on speed dial is operative. Thanks to producer Benny Benassi, the second single for the pending MDNA, is energetic, feels like "Celebration" in places, and seemingly a step in a familiar direction for Madge (think Confessions On A Dance Floor), yet I have a slight problem (as usual). The problem I'm having with Madonna this time out is that she's being really reductive. Ebbing herself to sounds and lyrics (she even says, "girls just wanna have fun", c'mon, paging Cyndi Lauper) that really undermine her soon-to-be 30 years in the biz. Sure Madonna has built a career on tracks about dancing in sexual euphoria, but at least it was interesting (see "Into The Groove"). Imagine if some other pop tart had released "Girl Gone Wild" and not Madonna. Would we really be all over it? I'm not that sure. Also it's sort of strange how someone who has always been ahead of the trends is sort of taking cues from well, her followers.

Then again, we must remember that Madonna is competing in a music environment where she is the "mother" and her "children" (the current pop stars who are influenced by her) are keeping the pace, and well, Madonna has to catch up. Hence why she's doing the cool kids thing and has released a lyric video for the track (see after the cut) and jumping on the 'dumbing down' trend of mainstream Pop. It's listenable and dance-able for sure, as well as a grower, but considering someone on their twelfth album---things should be much more exciting than they are.

Then again, it is massively better than "Give Me All Your Lovin'"....and there's your silver lining.

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