First Impressions: Sam Sparro & 'The Shallow End'

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Yes, I know. You've been holding it in, and now you can let it all out, just go ease on down the road, vogue, dougie, soul clap, do whatever you please, as I won't blame you because Sam Sparro has paradise that is. Looking like a re-incarnation of Freddie Mercury (it's the 'porn 'stache' no less), Sparro was inspired by the 1978-1984 Disco/Post-Disco bracket for his sophomore set, Return To Paradise, a project that took two years to assemble with a various group of guest writers and musicians (one including favorite Swedish export, Erik Hassle), but one that is officially a done deal.

With his latest single, "The Shallow End" he's not stretching the truth about his sound influences as everything is in it's place for a fantastic voyage of fun. You've got fat bass licks that roll along, urgent percussion, Sparro's soul boy croons, and a saxophone solo (!!) to top it all off. Truly it's not the seedy epic thunder of "Black and Gold", but it's refreshingly carefree and kinetic---plus wildly catchy. With this on deck, I'm even more excited for the whole enchilada of Paradise as of late I had been missing me some Sparro. So put on those boogie shoes and take a look after the cut to view the L.A.-Instagrammy-homage music video to "The Shallow End", and feast your ears on the funk that Sparro built.


  1. I am SO ready for this record. It'll vibe off the speakers for sure.-QH

  2. QH: I didn't know you were a Sparro fan! I've yet to meet someone who didn't like him...something about his music. It's just infectious to the hilt and you can't fault it.

    I'm guilty of having massive high hopes for this record, if it tanks, I'll probably cry and cuss all over this blog, lol.


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