First Impressions: Spree Wilson's A Real Sharpshooter

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Known to be a quiet storm of guitars, Spree Wilson is releasing a new project in March called, The Spark, that is living up to it's title by way of the ace (and wonderfully free) track, "Sharpshooter". Kind of Andre 3000 in slight, "Sharpshooter" is a funky good ride of a track, that proves that the guitarist has some versatility in his game. All the charm from prior is there, but something slinky and cunning lurks in its folds. So if you're expecting the quiet brilliance of last year's Esthero collabo, "Don't Pass Me By", then be forewarned that Spree is on a new path for Spark, and you just need to join in on the funk n' circumstance or be left out of party. This track will no doubt find a happy home on my growing 2012 playlist...

Spree Wilson - Sharpshooter


  1. Love this. Unexpected sassiness!
    Will check the record for sure :-)

  2. Kit:
    It took me by surprise too! I was like 'where did this come from?!?' Pleasantly surprised. I feel a little Cee-Lo Green in that track too...

  3. Dudes got a nice funky sound! Some Prince like guitars. This track is right!!


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