Recycle It!: Robin Thicke Does The Shoop Shoop (And I Exhale)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Since Whitney Houston's passing, I've often felt the need to issue a PSA about how to go about covering the befallen icon. Pretty much it will say (*cue the somber background music*): You are NOT Whitney Houston. Repeat, you are NOT Whitney Houston. So DON'T even TRY to hit those notes or do the vocal runs, do YOU. Also DON'T act like you had a Whoopi Goldberg/Ghost moment where you believe that Whitney's spirit is inside of you guiding you. Give a tribute, but do YOU and keep it moving. Thank you and my ears thank you too. 

So far my PSA hasn't been needed---well, so far. Everyone went ga-ga over Glee's Amber Riley giving a lovely reading of "I Will Always Love You" as did Jennifer Hudson's controlled one at the Grammys this past week. Yet, some haven't been as lucky, as Ashanti decided that screaming the notes to "I Have Nothing" will make her catch Whitney's holy spirit quicker, and well the results weren't as charming.

What has been refreshing is my boy, Robin Thicke, who has been the one to not 'show-out' on his Whitney tribute as he keeps things sexy n' simple. Aside from Thicke's extra-cirricular activities this past weekend, he took the time to pay tribute to Houston by giving a classy and solid reading of one of my favorite Houston tracks, her 1995 hit, "Exhale (Shoop Shoop)". Thicke feigns theatrics by sticking to the source material, as well as picking a track that gives him ample room to let that falsetto roam nicely. He pays his respects, but doesn't override the idea of Houston's original. Kudos indeed.

Robin Thicke - Exhale (Shoop Shoop) (Whitney Houston cover)

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