Album Watch: Looking Around The Corner With Quantic & Alice Russell

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dusty Springfield would surely smile with the pair of tracks that singer, Alice Russell and producer,  Quantic have put forth...and you will too. Way back in January, "Look Around The Corner" (the debut single to the duo's first collaborative album) came out sounding as if it had been sealed in a time machine and then unleashed to let everyone know that even in 2012---the sound of the 60's is still poppin' fresh. I simply adored it at first listen, as it was just all warm n' snuggly wrap-around Soul. If "Corner" couldn't be matched, it's got a contender with the soft piano patter reading of Caston & Majors' 1974 cut "I'll Keep The Light In My Window", and once again, I'm sold and bought on what Look Around The Corner is to be when it drops this April.

Alice has often been left out of the British Soul Invasion equation, and usually I tell people this boring music journalism comparison: "If you like Adele, then Alice Russell is for you" or "If you don't like Adele, then Alice Russell is for you." Either way, you need to listen to Alice Russell as she wins on all fronts.


  1. i'm really hyped about this record too. that first song sounds cool. yay for good retro soul in 2012.

    1. Ditto the yay for good retro soul in 2012! Usually I get worn out on that Motown formula...but there are other forms of retro Soul out there and glad that Alice and Quantic get that.

      Another album I'm looking forward to this year.

  2. It sounds a bit like the 4Hero collab with Carina Andersson on vocals, the Minnie Ripperton rework
    and it's a good thing!


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