Audio Vision: Okay, Mariah Carey, I See You Back On Stage After Two Years...

Friday, March 2, 2012

While I was sleeping yesterday, a concert party was going on.

Streamed online viewers got to see Cee-Lo and Nicki Minaj in Los Angeles; Maroon 5 and Sara Bareilles taking on Chicago, and Mary J. Blige and Gavin Degraw shaking up New Orleans all for the concert series Plot Your Escape which is endorsed by Pepsi. But the real talk of the morning is Mariah Carey co-lining with Diddy as she strutted on the stage in NYC  for the first time in two years since having 'Dem Babies' (dem adorable babies). She went through a medley of hits (and dusted off "Always Be My Baby", "I'll Be There" with Trey Lorenz, and "Hero") and well, she sounded positively wonderful. Yes, wonderful. And no I'm not being bias to Mama Lamb....

In the last couple of years, I have championed for Mariah to take a seat, prop her high-heeled feet up on a sparkly ottoman and just take a break. Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel led me to that notion (c'mon stop being delusional---it was a weak set), which is why I was extremely happy when she became preggers and gave birth to 'Dem Babies' and shifted nicely into Mommy Mode. The space she's been in right now, and seeing her glow at being honored with the Entertainer Award at the BET Honors last month, made me be truly happy for her---beyond popping in one of her albums.

Of course with Whitney Houston's tragic passing, there will no doubt be focus put upon one of the last divas still standing from the 90's (note: one of the last 90's divas who can at least gain a hit single), so this performance serves a lot to what Mariah is going to do in the near future. And like the pro she is, she did her thing, and did it better than I think a lot of people (even including myself) thought she could, hence the press surprise.

Her performance of "Shake It Off" proved to be the highlight as she gave a entertaining performance, looking pleased to be back all the way. Sure, it's a bit premature to be saying that a new Mariah album would be welcomed in 2012, but if she takes her time and does it right, we can get something as energized as this---and I'll be extremely happy if that's the case.

Camino: Village Voice

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  1. Saw her in early 2010 on her last tour, she rocks a stage.-QH


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