First Impressions: Ameriie Rekindles Her Past On 'Every Time'

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Whether with one "i" or two, Amerie Ameriie is underrated at best and yes, I continue to root for her. While I think the name change is a bit ridiculous this side of whatever name Sean Combs decides to call himself these days to stay "relevant", shafted Ameriie's often been (remember the shoddy handling of 2007's Because I Love It?), yet her music has always been a zesty cut above the usual R&B fare. A different story shines through when the songs she dropped during her name-change persona were nothing short of lackluster ("Outside Your Body" comes immediately to mind... ).

So hearing the fresh lettuce crackles of "Every Time" has redeemed me to the fact that the name change is just for show, and not because some evil twin of hers had emerged. While not as slickly concocted as the magic Rich Harrison achieved in the production seat, producer Focus has "Every Time" act like a play cousin to that era, and catches all the lovey-dovey feelings of Amerie's 2002 debut All I Have---which has always been in heavy rotation for me (and which is now celebrating ten years of shelf life, yikes!).

Personally, this track is quite enjoyable, as it slips into a niche of a groove and follows through with rich melodic tones. It also welcomes the fact that Ameriie is releasing a new EP, The Prelude this year, which from title alone means something is cookin' in Amerie's kitchen---we just have to wait 'till she lets us in to experience the full menu. In the meantime, take a 'taste test' with "Every Time" below.

Ameriie - Every Time


  1. Never cared for "All I Have," felt she was in poor voice throughout & that it was a production showcase for Rich Harrison. It wasn't until "Touch," when Ameriie began writing her own stuff, that she (literally) found her voice & I started to pay attention. While "Because I Love It" ranks as her most stunning of the four albums, with "Touch" owning the best ballads, and the pace of "In Love & War" near perfection.

    This new song is great & I enjoy it. I know her new album will push R&B, and music period, to new horizons. Which is why I'm a fan.-QH

    1. That is a different take as everybody I know thinks 'All I Have' is her best and hates everything else...huh.

      I dig on 'All I Have'--it's just great to me. Ever since I heard "Talkin' To Me", I was a fan, it just takes me back whenever I hear that album. *shrugs* Oh, and 'Because I Love It' is her best, it didn't deserve the fate it got at all, I'm still a bit sore about that! Actually, I thought she was screechy/scream-y on 'In Love & War' though there were some great cuts on there--another underrated effort.

      To be honest...I'm probably the only person who never cared for 'Touch'. I think the over-play of "1 Thing" had something to do with it, but that album just didn't change my life or anything, lol.

      Ameriie (I'm not used to that damn extra 'i'), when she's good, she's great, but when she's bad, she misses the mark. Hopefully this song and more to follow will keep her in the 'great' zone she is usually in. I think she's better than a lot of other R&B dames out there, she at least keeps the spirit of the genre somewhere in her grooves. I'm anxious to here more from where she's going on this.


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