First Impressions: Paloma Faith's Picker-Upper

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Well, well, just when I was about to divorce the day and look forward to a weekend fling, along comes Paloma Faith and her new single, "Picking Up The Pieces" to keep me in matrimony to the Thursdays. It's good. No need to pop champagne over it as it's not a game-changer. It's the straight-to-the-core orchestral charm that Paloma does best and Paloma is in good voice. Still throw in a couple of strings and on-par vocals, I'm a happy camper. Paloma wasn't telling fibs about her upcoming album (Fall Into Grace) going for the cinematic approach. "Pieces" lyrics expose that, as Paloma grapples to pick up the broken spirit of her new lover as they still can't get over of that witch of ex-girlfriend. Oh, the dramatics! Seriously, that could and probably is a plot of a Lifetime movie....

I hear a smattering of Emeli Sande in this...not in a bad way because (and let's be technically honest) Paloma was doing the sweeping theatrics deal before we even heard of Emeli. It's just that "Pieces'" kind of "Heaven"-esque gusto and urgency is what I wanted to hear spread over on the course of Sande's debut and just didn't get (more on that later). So Paloma might be the one to pick up the slack on that end when Fall To Grace drops--who knows?

Paloma Faith - Pick Up The Pieces


  1. I'm just wondering, is it just me (maybe it's the the audio quality on youtube) or Paloma's voice sounds completely different from the first album? Her voice sounds lower.

    1. I didn't catch that, but I listened to it again, and you're right! Either it's the sound or maybe she's trying something new with her voice...we'll see :)

      Apologies about the audio posted here being absent...


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