First Impressions: Toni Braxton's Got A Change Of 'Heart'

Monday, March 12, 2012

Just the other day I was trying on some Toni Braxton sounds for size from the old to the new and was thinking that it will soon be about twenty years since Braxton released her debut (!). While that doesn't have much ado about really nothing, it's just something to think about when you listen to Toni's new track, "I Heart You", which is meant to be one of those sweat-your-perm out club bangers that turns you into a dancing maniac---and really there is nothing wrong with that, just that I didn't expect Toni to go this hard-edged electronic.

"I Heart You" (which is available for free download) is the first taste of what Toni has prepped for her upcoming eighth studio album, which I'm suspecting is going to be an stormin' club jaunt based on this. My guess for the change of heart is due to 2010's Pulse not doing so hot, so she's *sigh* bending to whatever is selling right now. Smart move, but I feel this is going to be Kelis allover again, where she's going to distance some fans.

To be honest, the song is pretty spicy and reminds me of the fun I had with "Make My Heart" from two years ago. Least we forget Toni had a great hit with the Hex Hector remix to "Un-break My Heart" back in the day, so I'm not acting like this is the first time Toni has got her BPM jolted. Though Toni is known for being in the soft R&B lane, Toni's rousing vocal delivery makes everything come correct on this. Seriously, I ain't mad, especially with her singing like that.

Toni Braxton - I Heart You [DL]


  1. I honestly got a more restrained, adult-soul-club vibe from this. It isn't full on the floor dance furor, and it keeps the progressive lean her music has had since '96. She sounds great. Maybe I'm

    1. Well, I'll be bias with you :) Seriously, it reminds me of those remixes that came out in the mid-90's from the 'Secrets' album. Nice throw back. It was expectant of Toni to try on a techo/electronic dance guise, but I think she might be able to pull it off---she's got those pipes. I'm expecting some Jocelyn Brown or Martha Wash things happening with the new album...


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