Album Watch: Szjerdene Is Patchworkin'

Monday, April 2, 2012

Abstract slow burns might seem more ideal for the icy snuggle-under-the-cover winters, not for the first hissing lawns of Spring (yay it's April!), but then again, there isn't a right or wrong season for Szjerdene, who has slowly become an intriguing act for me to follow after falling in love with her voice and tracks like "Lead The Way" and "If 6 Was 8". She's really doing what a lot other Electronic Soul--or however you want to label it---artists are doing (Andreya Triana comes to mind as a contemporary), but it's the spare sort of eerie essence she has that is pretty damn captivating.

All of that is laid out thick in the Patchwork EP. With only four songs, the London singer makes do with the time she's allotted, and really it's all blue lights in the basement stuff that is searing and lingers long after it wraps up. Check for the engulfing "Go" again (just this time in a studio setting and just as effective) and "Turn" that rides on a sweet melodic air. Also "4th Stranger" really is an experiment in itself, as it dives into ambiance trance that in someone else's hands might not be as effective, but done here it's really riveting listening.

Clearly "Blue Lullaby" is the standout, which oozes butter rich and slightly jarring as it builds up off of it's waterdrop effect. Sometimes songs like this can plod along going nowhere in it's mood, but "Lullaby" ends up traveling into a vibe that you can really feel. Only gripe with this is that it's four songs---not a full project, which hopefully won't take too long for Szjerdene who is setting up a nice spread of material for herself that continues to take her above the fold. Take a listen before you purchase over at iTunes, and also peep "Blue Lullaby" in visual glory after the cut. Nice.

Szjerdene - Patchwork EP

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