Artist Watch: Alex Mills Gives Us The 'Refix'

Monday, April 16, 2012

I don't know much about UK singer/songwriter Alex Mills, but what I do know is that she's got a neat little EP entitled, The Blue Bird Refix, which combines Mills' lyrics, with some oh-so familiar background music---and it's pretty much mash-up heaven.

Now I'm a fan of mash-ups, so this EP and Mills take on it was right up my alley. There are six slices of awesome laced throughout EP, beginning with a real treat of the Tom Tom Club's classic "Genius Of Love" back-beat being used for her original composition "Bananas". Yes, I know, I know, Mariah Carey did the same thing with "Fantasy" with much more popular results many moons ago, but once you get into this alternate take you kind of let that slide, because Mills has does something quite fun and funky with it.

Rihanna's "Rude Boy" is utilized and is fixed up on the energetic "Bad Girls", and then in another corner you have "The Blue Bird" which has The Smith's "Charming Man" rolling in a rock-a-billy deep. Even Goyte and Kimbra's "Somebody I Used To Know" is re-fashioned in the dreamy, "Long Way Back".

And think the whole mash-up thing is a gimmick to distract from her voice? Nope, Alex has got some serious pipes on her, and with an eclectic music palate in tow, she's like my new best friend. Mills is preparing for her EP, No Artificial Colors, which is coming soon, so consider this a warm-up to the full workout ahead.

You can follow Alex Mills at her cute Tumblr spot, as well as snag The Blue Bird Refix EP for just an e-mail address over at her Bandcamp page. You really have nothing to lose...

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