Audio Vision: A Double Dose Of The Dapper Coolness Of Sam Sparro

Friday, April 27, 2012

Ooh happiness! With a cinematic flair that peppers in some "Smooth Criminal" notes and a backdrop of a 1930's prohibition caper, Sam Sparro's "I Wish I Never Met You" is indeed a visual feast. So satisfying that I can begin to like music videos again, because apparently since the 21st century rolled around we've all contracted a case of the lazies and can't come up with repeatable watches like this. Uninspired this is not as Sparro plays a thwarted gangster dubbed 'The Bird' as he seeks revenge on a crime henchman called 'The Shark'...all of it feels like a James Cagney flick, just with a whole lotta razzle-dazzle snaz in it. As for the song, it's not as joyful as "Happiness", but the Erik Hassle (!) co-write, is indeed another fine moment for Sparro as he lays his angst and distain of a fractured relationship all out in the open, and pretty much I can raise a glass to his bitterness.

Speaking of "Happiness", for another slice of awesome, the visual for the jubilant 90's House ode was also given a worldwide release as of recent after being only an overseas view. In a less potent affair than "Wish", "Happiness" still is a whole lotta fun as you get to see Dapper Sam get down with some frisky, jazz-hand happy showgirls. Love love how he's got this Art Deco theme going on. It's a theme I hope he continues with throughout the rest of the singles that will drop from the forthcoming Return To Paradise---which taking it's dear sweet time to be released.

Impatient I'm becoming, but at least these two hellishly fun videos are tiding things over for now.

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