First Impressions: The Classic Cool of Leon Ware & Quadron

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

You know I love me some Quadron. So of course hearing their name attached to well, anything, is instant happiness. Seriously, they could have been singing about some nasty chicken wraps at Burger King, and I wouldn't have been mad (now Mary on the other hand has some explaining to do....). But (thankfully) they're not singing about tasty flour tortillas and three kinds of cheeses, but are singing about love n' flowers on this special collaboration with the legendary Leon Ware.

Ware is known for producing classic cuts for the likes of Donny Hathaway, Jackson 5, Average White Band, and Minnie Riperton, and that magic touch is put forth on "Orchids For The Sun" a collaborative between the producer and the Danish duo for an upcoming album from Ware's end. No word on when we'll see the full project, but from the unmistakable throwback sound of this (it sounds quite Minnie Riperton to me in some spots), I'll be on the look-out for sure for what is to come. Real perfection this song is....gorgeous work.

Leon Ware & Quadron - Orchids For The Sun 

Camino: Soul Bounce


  1. This is so good!! Wow.

    Do you have any news about a Quadron record? Love their occasional collabs (this one too ) but I need some new material!

    1. No word on if there a new album from them in the near future(boy do I wish!) but I will no doubt update on that whenever I do hear something :)

      I just adore Quadron, Robin and Coco always keep it so fresh. They have yet to disappoint me.

  2. Ok, I will tweet them asking about a new record!

    have you listened to their MJ cover?

    1. Yes, ma'am I have :) It's so divine! One of the better MJ tributes I've heard.


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