Audio Vision: Lianne La Havas' Big 'Love'

Friday, May 25, 2012

You know I'm silly. How could I forget that Lianne La Havas, a voice whom I've been championing since last year, is releasing her debut album this summer? Just oh so silly that I would forget that. Well, I truly am anxious to hear what is in store for Is Your Love Big Enough?, (which is touching down on July 9th in the UK and August 7th here in the States), as it's sure to be a feast for the ears, especially since La Havas does acoustic folk-soul oh so well.

Like past singles "No Room For Doubt" and "Lost & Found", I'm quite enamored with the the album's title track and it's got a nice pairing with a fun video chronicling Lianne as a roving musician with guitar and humor in tow. "Is Your Love Big Enough?" is probably the funkiest thing she's done, complete with a clap-trap beat and an insanely catchy chorus---it's something you seriously need to dig into.


  1. HI Jennifer,
    I HAD to comment on this - thank you for putting Lianne out there. Since I'm rather obsessed with her voice, musical styles and personality I am counting the days (months) and am so glad she got a deal to release it in the U.S. and not long after the UK release. I really enjoyed this video and all her others. In the announcement of her album on Nonesuch records they have a tentative tracklisting. In fact, between EPs (her Live in LA is great), and youtube you can get a listen to different versions of every song that is there. I hope/think she will do well and look forward to her here in the U.S.

  2. Hi Jennifer,
    As her release date nears I wanted to let you know the Guardian newspaper Music blog (I believe July 6th-posted by Caspar Smith) is presenting a live stream of the whole album


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