Artist Watch: Tweet Tweets Back

Friday, June 22, 2012

Not that I didn't forget, it's just that time creeps up on me, but yes, I know, Tweet is back.

For real. I even double-checked to make sure.

While she's been ducking in and out over these last couple of years, teasing us at every turn for a comeback, she's slowly but surely keeping her word that a new album is in the works and the wait isn't too long. Oh, and she has the new tunes to prove her case.After signing with the Dubose Music label, she has concocted #TweetTuesdays, where every Tuesday she drops a brand new track---how sweet! 

So far we've been treated to a gorgeous version of Aretha Franklin's "Daydreaming", and newly minted tracks, "Trouble" and "C 4EVA". Personally, her Aretha cover is the best of the lot, and it actually battles it out with Tamia's version for being the best take I've ever heard of the song. Acoustic guitars strum dreamily through the lush balladry of "C 4EVA" reminding me of Tweet's capability to stop the world and melt with us on a vocal level. "Trouble" ain't too shabby either in it's vibe that's taking me back to her Southern Hummingbird days. All that's missing as an accompaniment to these relaxing numbers is some sweet iced tea and a blank 'to-do' list. 

So maybe we shouldn't get the hearse and the hymns out for R&B music, as clearly from hearing this, the genre isn't quite six feet under. Here's hoping that Tweet can revive the time when R&B was a sentimental love thang long enough to where we get that long-awaited third album from her. Oh, and the icing on all of this, is that all the new tracks are free to download---so have at it!



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