Artist Watch: You Know You'll Like AlunaGeorge

Friday, June 15, 2012

There have been many many boy/girl duos in music's conscious as of late. Shall I run down a list?

  • Quadron
  • J*Davey
  • DivaGeek
  • 14th
  • Idle Warship
  • New Look

....okay, you get the gist. So what makes AlunaGeorge so different? Well, no two boy/girl duos are alike even if they are in the same genre. The London twosome (comprised of producer George Reid and singer Aluna Francis) are apart of the crowd whom became disenchanted with the state of R&B and decided to get out of the cookie-cutter ho-hum and craft space-agey electro-pop...because being an outlier is so much better than conformity, ya know?

The duo have been sort of dangling in my conscious recently, and I was reminded by way of their recently released EP, You Know You Like It, and from title alone they seem quite gusty and are they ever. Their musicality circles around an affection for hiccuping beats and skittish rhythms, that interrupt the infectious flow of pop delicacies. In some ways, they keep all the sugar of greatly crafted pop tunes, but extract the guilt, so listen without compromising your 'cred'.

One is instantly reminded of a poppier J*Davey when you hear Aluna's cooing and jumping bean beats, but as someone in a comment off of YouTube someone describes AlunaGeorge as 'Flying Lotus featuring Corinne Bailey Rae'...and well, sometimes wisdom can be found in YouTube comments. So your interest must be piqued by now, and you're in luck you are as AlunaGeorge have two videos fresh in the pocket, for singles. "You Know You Like It" and "Just A Touch", and after the cut they are in all their black-n-white minimalist glory.

Other treats they have bestowed come in the form of a punchy remix of Lana Del Rey's "Born To Die" where they gussy up the gloom and give it a little spunk. Also loose tracks like "We Are Chosen" and the neat "Double Sixes" snaps like a groovy rubberband---but you can explore all that and more on your own, cause by now my words and actions don't matter---but AlunaGeorge's do.

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