Audio Vision: Snails, Squids, and Fiona Apple

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Oh yeah...Fiona Apple is back and like someone who's been away for long lengths of time, she's got a lot of things she's throwing at us in order for us to hustle and play catch-up. Her fourth album, The Idler Wheel.... is to be released next week, and it's already hitting the interwebs in full audio glory. She also had a pretty neat interview with the snottish folks over at Pitchfork to give a little background on how she derived the album and all that introspective artist guck.

Singles "Every Single Night" and "Werewolf" have been taken for a spin, and well, yours truly hasn't gotten around to fully shining the 'apple', but is doing so at this moment. From first listen things are going all Fiona-y as expected as she pads softly into the room with the music box lullaby of "Every Single Night" which features vocal acrobatics and style changes in it's lush design. Usually a okey-doke song can be saved by it's music video, and that happens here as Fiona takes you into a dream world (or a beautiful nightmare) of fish, giant snails, and octopuses. At one point Fiona dons a 'squid hat', as probably a middle finger gesture to all the newbie 'so-called' quirky dames saying, "I was tortured and off-beat before you all were hitting puberty!" 

Oh, Fiona, you bizarre rebel, glad to have you back.

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