First Impressions: Don't Let Esthero 'Go'

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Esthero has come out of solo career dormancy with a brand-smacking new track, "Never Gonna Let You Go".......wait, is this real....or is this fantasy?

Oh, it's real alright.

The Canadian 'pink pirate' picks up where her last album, 2005's Wikked Lil' Girls left off with a piano driven pop ditty that is filled with "oh-oh-oh's" and is all about obsessive love. So imagine if Glenn Close's character in Fatal Attraction was singing it with that glint of crazy in her eye, and you've got an idea of what "Never Gonna Let You Go" is all about. The track is quite Imani Coppola or Gwen Stefani-esque in tone--so those expecting "Superheroes"/1997's Breath From Another Trip-Hop goodness from 'Ro need to leave that thought back in the 90's, as she's on her perky Pop game at the moment. Not that it's bad look, it's just that any Pop singer at the moment could get away with a track like this.  

We've been taunted before with Esthero's hopscotch releases as she oh so quietly unleashed the ballad, "Black Mermaid" back in 2010 with talks of the project, Everything Is Expensive (great title) coming to light in the near future. Least we forget Esthero hasn't exactly been gone from conscience as she traded some delicate vocals with Spree Wilson on last year's great "Don't Pass Me By", and has recently popped up on tracks by the likes of Miguel and Rye Rye. So it's not like she hasn't been totally hiding out in a hobbit hole, but it's mighty fine to get pumped a bit for her return, if she's doing so, and this is a good little zinger of a start. Listen after the cut, and purchase the single over at yee ol' iTunes and wait with bated breath for Esthero to make 2012 her oyster (or clam, or scallop, or whatever).


  1. I LOVED Black Mermaid.
    This is different and quirky, a bit 'gwenstefani-sque', you're right, lol.

    Hope for a record soon, too.

    1. Same here LOVED "Black Mermaid". Esthero always knows how to shake it up and hopscotch her style. Been dying for a new album from her as well...not holding my breath, but still hoping!

  2. This is rad - could help Miss Esthero cross into the mainstream.

    Don't hate! She should go for hers!!

    1. Wasn't hating anon, I did say it was a zinger of a welcome back *wink*

      You're right, it could help her cross into the mainstream. From my understanding I read somewhere that she didn't care for 'Breath From Another' and 'Wikked Lil' Girls' is an album that was more her style. I hope she does get that mainstream glow she so deserves.

  3. Man, I still play "breath from another" on the regular, classic album that still sounds great today. I'm glad she's back!


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