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Friday, June 22, 2012

Reheating leftovers of the week...

Five (fairly new) songs that caught my ear this week...

1. Sunset - Compuphonic (feat. Marques Tolivier)
How about some deep House? Okay. How about some deep House peppered with Marques Toliver? Oh yes, and please sir, I want some mo'! From the Belgian-based producer, Compuphonic comes "Sunset" which is a scrumptious Soul ride that glides along like the smooth criminal it is and it fits Toliver's vocals to a tee. Very unexpected...but isn't that the best kind of introductions?

2. I Can See It - Princess Freesia
A notable and frequent collaborator with Soulpersona, Australian songstress Princess Freesia is someone that is a big ol' question mark to me, but no fear, as I feel I'll be well acquainted with her when her debut, The Rainbow Ride, drops this June 30th. From debut single, "I Can See It" this Princess is all ready and rearin' to go, as she takes us on a glossy spin on the dance floor with this first-class grooves-a-plenty cut.

3. Free - X/Coke (MeLo-X & Cheri Coke)
I can barely remember Cheri Dennis and that is probably thanks to her being on the poisonous Bad Boy label back in the late 00's. She has since (smartly) jumped ship and morphed into the Cheri Coke persona and well, her transformation is pretty much a good look, considering her music got a lot more interesting since the shift. Her recent collaborations with producer MeLo-X have grazed my ears on several occasions, and (stupidly) I haven't made the proper introductions. At the moment, the tribal drum dub-step calling of "Free" has my undivided attention, as it coasts delightfully along and bops along in electro-soul goodness. Melo-X and Coke are planning on dropping an free EP in the near future and with "Free" and "The Interlude" already making waves, well, I'm all ears for the main course.  

4. Celebrate - Mika (feat. Pharrell Williams)
I'm over the fact that the Freddie Mercury disciple Mika peaked at "Grace Kelly" (okay "Rain" from 2009's misbegotten The Boy Who Knew Too Much got several spins from me...). Aside from that, it doesn't skirt the fact that Mika is still very capable of making sugary pop gems that tickle the Pop senses. I have to give it to him with "Celebrate", a brand-new jam that is off of his upcoming third effort, The Origin Of Love. I was all gearing up to hate it and wince at it, and what do you know, I quite like this. Sure Pharrell Williams is pretty much background noise on it and it overall sounds like it's been gloriously lifted from the cutting room floor of when Daft Punk's recorded Discovery back in 2001--but it's not like that's a terrible thing as the track is very catching. Take a listen to "Celebrate" here.

5. Headphones - Little Boots
"Every Night I Say A Prayer" is quite boss, and to rival that goodness is "Headphones". Bass lickin' in a spin of Disco and "la-la-la's", "Headphones" sounds like something Debbie Harry from Blondie would have shimmed her way through in the late late 70's-early 80's (think "Heart Of Glass") and is yet another good look for the Bootster. I'm really enjoying the direction Little Boots is going with her new material, as she seems to have found the right niche for her sound and everything is so far so good.

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