Artist Watch: Lucille Ghatti Is Good 2 Go

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

R&B without the artificial sweetener of mainstream slush is Lucille Ghatti's stitch. Bred in California, and now residing in the Sunshine State, Ghatti is popping her head into the room, seeing if she can join in the care and reviving of R&B's feeble body. I learned of Ghatti by way of her track "North Hollywood" (which I recently reviewed) and was very impressed with her way of doing the sultry, rebel R&B thing that Aaliyah stamped a combat boot in way back when. And it's an attitude that seems to be bubbling up in a revival nowadays (think of her as kinfolk to Rochelle Jordan or as a street-wise Elle Varner).

Dubbing herself a Thrillwave artiste, her freeEP Amori Infiniti is a dreamy collection cornucopia of R&B, Hip-Hop, New Wave, and what we call Neo-Soul. No surprise here as she dubs her 'drugs' of choice as variant as Brandy, Amy Winehouse, Portishead, Feist, and Jon B. All of these influences play a role in the crafting of Ghatti's material on Amori.

Amori is such a surprise though, as I wasn't expecting to get a healthy dose of R&B like I did, and to be honest, I forgot R&B was supposed to sound like this. A few of my standouts are "Behind The Moonbeam", "Keep Me In Your Prayers", and her ode to late producer genius J. Dilla where she gets her floacist on. Also props to her including an interpolation of an obscure Cherrelle track in "Stay With Me", big props. See, Ghatti knows her stuff, and she drops more knowledge over at her Soundcloud page, which is chock-filled with other R&B delights. So get to know Ghatti and Amori Infiniti before all the so-called cool kids do.

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