First Impressions: The Art Of Heartbreak According To Marina & The Diamonds

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Currently I'm drowning in nothing but pure unbleached love for Marina & The Diamonds' Electra Heart. The whole soap operatic rise and downfall of the ego muncher in American culture makes for a superb concept album, and it's easily one of the best Pop album (thus far) you'll hear this year, and well, I already told you so.

The tracklisting has mostly been like a Choose Your Own Adventure book, as bonus materials have popped up making it easier for you to compile your own 'version'  of the life n' times of the tragic Electra Heart. Now you can tack "How To Be A Heartbreaker" onto to the list of Electra's speed bumps as it's being forwarded as the fourth single from the project. Produced by Dr. Luke and Benny Blanco, "Heartbreaker" doesn't feel as organically in-synch with the rest of the material on Electra and to be honest, I'm disappointed that the excellent "Power & Control" wasn't pushed more as single #3. "Heartbreaker" is enjoyable with it's percolating guitar strums intermixed with the spunky synths, and it's clearly the producers trademark. Marina's personality comes through in the snark filled lyrics that have her counting down ways to smash a heart to bits as she questions at the end of the song if she truly does love her other half  or "at least she thinks she does'. 

Not a shabby track as it compliments Marina's Punky Brewster attitude nicely, but there are more fascinating number of the original pressing of Electra, that could have been utilized as single material instead (i.e. "The State Of Dreaming", "Starring Role"). The single does have perfect timing though, as Electra Heart (finally) graces US shores today with a release. I implore you to snatch it up if Americana Pop just isn't slicing the cornbread like it used to.

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