First Impressions: No Doubt Settle Down Into A Comeback

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Now you may take a sigh of relief....

No Doubt is back. All of them 'em, even Gwenny Gwen Gwen and it's feels like I'm a angst riddled teenager again, slamming doors and whining about nobody understanding me except the fictional characters in books (wait...I still do that...). Last we heard from the Orange County foursome album-wise was with 2001's Rock Steady and this year we'll have Push & Shove will grace our ears come September 25th, and I'm all ready. 

Not to be confused with Kimbra's hit, "Settle Down" is produced by Diplo and it picks up where Rock Steady left off as it's seeped in their brand of energized flair and the light-electronic ska/Reggae sound they successfully crossed over with. It may sound like I'm more hyped for their arrival to where I'm bias on if this song blows fish and Marco Polo out the water, but after a few spins the track did grow on me massively and I do love the nice touches as the song tapers down into a lush sway of percussion. While it's not what I expected No Doubt to come back with, it's still poolside worthy fun and knock it I really can't. No Doubt has always been about jumpin' around and having a good time, and that's the kind of music I need right now especially when the sun is burning me like fried chicken and everybody around me grumbling around in Grouch Land.

As an added bonus, the visual for "Settle Down" (which you can peep after the cut) popped up immediately after the track premiered and the Sophie Muller directed video, follows the band as truck drivers who stumble upon a party---and well, the throw down commences. I can't help but have a smile on my face after viewing it because the song, Gwen Stefani looking like she took a dip in the Fountain of Youth, and the 90's styled music video has me feeling all the warm n' fuzzy nostalgia feels.

Welcome back No Doubt, I missed you guys.

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