First Impressions: Noisettes Are In It To Win

Friday, July 13, 2012

Funny how the time flies when you're standing still....

It's been three years since we've heard from the UK brood known as the Noisettes after their album, Wild Young Hearts dropped with great single, "Every Now and Then" in tow. Now minus one member, the Noisettes are back and partying like it's 2009. Yep. That's what I'm hearing on their latest single, "That Girl" which I feel in style is three years too late. It's flooded in 1960's soda pop girl group goodness, but to be really honest---that vibe is pretty much six feet under for me. Not that it's a bad song, as it's catching as a cold and fierce front woman Shingai Shoniwa hasn't sounded so full of foot stompin' life, but it does nothing to push the band forward stylistically.

Now their other new track "Winner" is a different story. Quietly released as a snippet back in April, "Winner" is an electro-funk tune that is potent and engaging. Recently, it's music video, that features Shingai taking cues from Grace Jones' wardrobe and playing an intense to-the-death card game, has popped up (and you can view it after the cut). Instead of releasing it as the intended first single, they have opted to make "Winner" a tribute track for the upcoming summer Olympics which take place in London this year if you didn't already know. Still "Winner" is way too good to be missed. 

All of these releases adds to the suspense for Noisettes third album, Contact, which will be arriving in stores August 27th. Watch out now!

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  1. I've been eagerly awaiting new music from Noisettes ever since "Ever Fallen In Love With Someone You Shouldn't"....Excited for the new album.


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