Album Watch: Rochelle Jordan Puts On The 'Pressure'

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

You can continue to believe that R&B is still in intensive care hooked up on life support, but a blind eye will always make it difficult for you to venture down into the underground where R&B music is still being made in abundant quality. Rochelle Jordan is one of those names from the underground that has been tossed around as a lifesaver of sorts for the genre, and rightfully so. After releasing her much-lauded R O J O mixtape last year, it didn't take long before people began to stop digging graves for R&B music and listen up. I admit to tip-toeing around Ms. Jordan, seeing the potential, but not feeling the material on R O J O to really trumpet that R&B dames were on the comeback. That was until she won me over on track, "Losing" and from there has me fully engaged with her debut album, P R E S S U R E, which exceeds all expectations.

Atmospheric and edgy, P R E S S U R E is a nice long love letter to 90's R&B that you'll be engrossed in, reading every word. Seasoned with icy insomniac broods and rhythmic femme fatale fire bombs like "Could've Been", "Visions", and the delectable title track, this mixtape warrants some heavy rotation. What's even better is that it's all Ro, the album is written entirely by her (with production by her in-house producer KLSH) and it feels etched with pure honesty and crackling creativity. As we still try to conjure up Aaliyah from the grave, it's important that we don't need to be an Oda Mae Brown to do so as there are artists, like Jordan, who keep contemporary R&B alive. Sure, you might hear snatches of Amerie, Mya, Ciara, and yes, even Baby Girl, embedded in this set, but this is Ro's hour and she's doing mighty fine.

Take a swim up and down the audio stream for a first taste and then download P R E S S U R E for the low price of free here. Disappointed you won't be.


  1. Brilliant and accurate review!

  2. This CD has been in heavy rotation all week. A great addition to the collection; just like R O J O.


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