Artist Watch: Bago's Sports Her 'Sunday's Best'

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

There is some California dreamin' and schemin' coming from a new kid on the experimental soul block going by the name of Bago. She completely blindsided me with the complex simplicity she put forth on her debut freebie mixtape, Sunday's Best and, thus, I had to share. Imagine for a moment if Little Dragon, Santigold, and um, okay to be 'amateur-music-journalist-boring'---Erykah Badu---are put into a cocktail mixer and shaken by way of setting the thing on a throbbing speaker in a hazy incense-riddled room. That is the un-boxed in groove that rests in Bago's heart, and in short, it's some some foxy stuff.

Produced by Cali rapper Alexander Spit, Sunday's Best is fiendish and seedy, and for all the right reasons. It resurrects and adopts the "what was" of the neo-soul movement and adds in some jazz riffs to taste while leaves traces of  trip-hop footprints in its abstract wake. "Dr. Lock" is a track that has quietly made the blog rounds, and personally it is the most brilliant moment here. It hits in a sweet spot that just coasts along in methodical flair, that you'll be hard-pressed not to just sink right into its lo-key pulses. She's not all docile, as  the free-form jazz highlight of "Bath Salts" froths up some rousing vocal displays from Bago (oh, yeah, the girl can vocally work her way around a tune...) while "Bad On The Bottle" slithers in a space-y element that is so scary unique, but so fun.    

Like I said, foxy stuff.

DL: Bago - Sunday's Best

Camino: Complex

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