Artist Watch: Diggin' On Diggs Duke

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I love a man that can multi-task. Diggs Duke is such a man. A multi-instrumentalist out of the D.C. area is one of those guys who isn't content with doing one thing, oh, no, he's doing everything. Call him an overachiever if you wish, but he walks the walk as his assortment of tunes are prime cuts that lead one to know that Diggs Duke is all about authenticity and keeping the integrity of the sound dialogue alive.

For some time I had been meaning to post a little somethin' about Diggs here, but it seemed that every time I got ready to cobble a post together this cat just kept piling on the sounds that it proved difficult to play catch-up. So here I am, and right on time, as Diggs, not being one to laze around, just recently dropped his 4-track EP, Mass Exodus. Exodus is a collection of horn peppered delights with jazzy nougat centers that are an overall experience. An experience that cannot be categorized. My first introduction to Diggs was the lovely vintage speckled quickie "Patiently, We Bloom", a song that just snakes its way into summery bliss, and ever since I've been latching onto his sound. Mostly instrumentals with minimal vocals is how Diggs structures his tunes, and while it may seem a bit too broad for some considering the free Jazz vibe he takes on, there are times where we need a little something a bit more unique and intelligent rolling around in the ear drums.

Like I mentioned, this cat is always releasing something, and has been doing so steadily since last year. His Bandcamp and Soundcloud pages are chock filled with goodies to comb through and devour and telling you all about each of them will just tarnish the surprise. Still don't slumber on the warm soul hug of his earlier released Black Gold EP as well as his down-tempo rework of Kimbra's "Settle Down" which is just divine. Diggs has got the golden touch, take heed below.


  1. Remarkably talented and a great guy to boot. Great post!

    1. Thanks :) He is a talented guy. Will be keeping tabs on him!


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