Artist Watch: Orly Will Cause A 'Distraction'

Thursday, August 16, 2012

You know, I don't know much about Orly, other than that she hails from Australia, but she gets gold stars all over her assignments, as her 2012 debut, the aptly titled Distraction, does in fact play aural diversion quite well.

After doing a little searching on Bandcamp (still one of the best haunts for new and obscure tuneage), Orly popped up as someone who would suit my tastes just right. Does she ever. Playing all sides of the court, Orly bounces around fitting neatly in and out of boxes. Piano-pop, vocal jazz, neo-soul stirrers, Distraction finds her fluttering around in these guises with great ease.

There are a lot of artists that play the eclectic field well, so well, that being classified in a specific genre is almost a thing of the past, but what is the difference with Orly? Her voice. It's a crisp n' clear vocal that has impeccable and controlled diction and really suits each of these tunes with the utmost class. The best example of that is on track "Beautiful Disguise". You can hear every word, every emotion drip from that voice. We've been so used to hearing voices that creak and moan, applauding the rawness, that hearing Orly reminds one that simple can be just as effective. Even when she's doing my much abhorred 2012 gamut of Motown baiting ("Get Together With The One You Love"), she is so spunky and pure, that the vintage sound is dressed up in fresh and modish flair. Yes, this is how you capture the Motown spirit and ward off sounding like a Amy Winehouse rip-off.

I also have to hand it to her with "I'm Ready" as it slips into some real throwback Jill Scott moods (moods that seemed absent on Scott's last album). Still the highlight for me is the Zach89 collaboration "Stay" which revives the chicness of Zhane. Classy, soulful, and intelligent at every turn, don't apologize for being preoccupied with Orly, Distraction is a beautiful thing.

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  1. thank for featuring this artist. i just added her album to my collection. gotta love good music!


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