First Impressions: Brandy Takes On Her 'Wildest Dreams'

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

One of my faults this year was to get a bit overzealous over the whole Brandy and Monica reuniting thingamajig. I let my nostalgia for my childhood cloud over the reality that their recent collabo, well sucked. Sucked bad. Rightfully, the song has since been dropped from consciousness (well, at least mine...), and both women can move on---and move on Brandy has.

I admit to not being the biggest fan of Ms. Norwood, but when she does something right, I have to give credit. She's right on the ticket with the second installment of her Two Eleven 'comeback' project. "Wildest Dreams" just washes the tart taste of her recent singles out (see also the terrible "Put It Down" with Chris Brown), and in return gives us something sweet to gnaw on and savor.

Produced by Tha Bizness, and written by Sean Garrett, "Wildest Dreams" feels like an escapee off of 2002's Full Moon, as it has an in-the-pocket groove that crackles and merges well with Brandy's rich vocal tone as she relishes in the glow of new found love.What is really sublime about all this is that there isn't anything 'extra' laced in this track. No guest spot. No busy-body rhythms that are drowning out the vocals. No baiting off of trends to compete with the 'youngsters' (um, paging Mariah Carey...). It's a straight shot of mature R&B sweetness, a sweetness that we haven't heard in the longest by way of veterans of the mainstream, and got damn is it refreshing. With this stunner, and news of Brandy hooking jams with Frank Ocean and Timbaland (Yes, I still give him props for bending and shaping what is my all-time favorite album of hers---2004's Afrodisiac), I'm all systems go for Two Eleven when it drops October 16th.

Get swept up into the dream after the cut.

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