First Impressions: Jessie Ware Gives Us Some 'Sweet Talk'

Monday, August 13, 2012

Jessie Ware just keeps throwing the bait doesn't she?

Briefly my want is to describe how sublime "Sweet Talk" is as it's probably one of the best things you'll hear this year. Usually saying 'sublime' seems like a cliche descriptor, but for "Sweet Talk" it's apt. Quiet little percussive pulses drive in a space where Ware paints a lovely ode to svelte early-mid 80's R&B slow jams. Somehow Angela Bofill's 1984 single, "Let Me Be The One" keeps coming into my mind as being "Sweet Talk"'s ancestor based on its controlled and effortless sensuality. Yet, when that the guitar breaks in during the climax the game has changed.


Check the track out after the cut if you don't believe me.

"Sweet Talk" may be familiar to some as it made it's first appearance on the teaser trailer for Ware's upcoming and long-anticipated debut Devotion. It had already made a good impression on me then and it just continues to wrap it's charms around me. You know, I try to be an 'adult' and hold back on excitement for things as to not get my hopes all riled up, but I gotta give into being anxious for August 20th because then, at long last, I'll get to experience Devotion in full. So let me just sit here and keep tapping my foot in impatience....

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