First Impressions: What Anita Baker Has Been Up To 'Lately'

Thursday, August 9, 2012

The attachment I have to Anita Baker is a fierce one. You just don't know. Somehow my future wedding to whoever Mr. Audio Diva will be and Anita Baker singing at it (or on a CD player because I know I'll be broke like that) will wager in somehow. Coming down from my fantasy, the reality is that Anita Baker is on the come up again with a brand-new effort called Only Forever (out October 23rd) that promises to bring a little new to the old and old to new, if you catch my drift. I wasn't too keen on Baker's last effort, 2004's My Everything, but after taking a listen to "Lately", her first single in seven years, I'm convinced that this might be better fare for me.

"Lately" sounds out of time. It's as if it leaped off of Baker's classic albums like 1986's Rapture or 1988's Giving You The Best That I Got and did Pilates, ate a vegan meal, and had a little nip n' tuck surgery or something. It's so deliciously vintage and classy, but it's a breath of fresh air amid all of the other things I listen to and post on here. Also my mind is blown to the fact that "Lately" is a cover of Tyrese's 1999 hit, as Baker takes it on as if she penned it herself. For years I've loosely used the title of "singer" when in association to Tyrese, and thanks to Madame Baker, I'm in like with a Tyrese joint for first time in life. Still I need to be kinder considering Baker thinks of Tyrese as her 'second-born Capricorn son'...but seriously, if you've ever heard Tyrese's original, you haven't heard it done like this.

Bow down to La Baker.


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