Audio Vision: Maya Rudolph & The Roots Do 'Darling Nikki'

Monday, September 24, 2012

You might have noticed the weather changing. Oh yeah, duh, it's autumn now, but, there was a lot of, um, Purple Raining going recently as last week was probably the most Prince-licious week on record. You saw some protege glow with Andy Allo's Superconductor coming on deck. Then Prince rocked a 'fro on The View and everyone stupidly flipped out. Then the clouds and the sea parted when His Royal Badness released a brand new track called "RnR Affair" that bites gingerly at the heels of "Take Me With U". Still the most Prince-licious thing to behold was seeing comedian Maya Rudolph and her friend, Gretchen Lieberum perform with The Roots on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last Wednesday covering the smutty smackdown of "Darling Nikki". The performance is pretty spot-on, even right down to its final moments. Yes, Rudolph and Lieberum actually do the weird, reverse chanting that is nestled on the tail end of "Nikki" and they do it with a straight face (well, Rudolph held on as long as she could...). Above is a video from last week's Brooklyn Bowl (be forewarned of the crap audio and shaky camera work) and for the Fallon performance hop over to Gawker who have it up and running.

Rudolph is no stranger to purple shores, as during her tenure on SNL she portrayed Beyonce to comedian Fred Armisen's Prince during the infamous sketch, "The Prince Show" which was by far one of my favorite SNL sketches ever. Also don't think that this "Darling Nikki" performance is some impromptu fever dream between everyone involved, as quiet as kept, Rudolph and Lieberum are a part of Princess, which is a *ta da!* a Prince cover band.

Maya Rudolph you win. You just win.

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