The Tape Deck: Happy Birthday To Your Audio Divaness!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Birthday Cake Batter Pancakes, yummers! (via FMSC Living)
I haven't done a Tape Deck in ages---I'm talking ages---so what better way to dust off and resurrect one of my favorite post ideas in order to selflessly promote the fact that it is my birthday today!?! I turn 26 years young, and getting better every year my Audio Darlings, and what better way to celebrate is with music?

I think I'm out of my 'Quarter Life Crisis' *sinister thunder clap* ...for now, but in case you want to revisit it, by all means go on ahead. The link will still be up on the main page as well for those of you who missed out on the party last year.

So for today, I'm stuck in 1986, the year I was born, and I have cobbled together a playlist of songs that I missed from the 'Crisis' project that are totally danceable and totally birthday party ready. Oh, what a feeling, let's all dance on the ceiling, eat some cake, and jam to the Tape Deck!

Party on dudes.

1.  Grace Jones - Party Girl

2.  Klymaxx - Sexy

3. Regina - Baby Love

4. Colonel Abrams - Trapped
(Technically, this is 1985...but it's my party and I can do what I want, so yeah.)

5.Bananarama - Venus

6. Teena Marie - Lips To Find You

7. Jermaine Stewart - Jody

8. Full Force - Temporary Love Thing

9. Lionel Richie - Dancing On The Ceiling

10. Madonna - Where's The Party?


  1. Happy Birthday -love the playlist and thanks for sharing! I hope it is a fantastic year ( not just 1 day of celebration)


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