First Impressions: Adele Shimmers On Bond's 'Skyfall'

Friday, October 5, 2012

The theme songs to James Bond films have been a tradition of sorts with each movie that gets churned out featuring the suave gun-toting Agent 007. In the past there have been many great and iconic themes ("Goldfinger", "Goldeneye", "A View To Kill", "For Your Eyes Only") and some not so great ones (does anyone really remember how the Jack White and Alicia Keys one went?). Not since Madonna's theme have I've really loved a Bond theme song that warranted repeated listens...well that was until Adele sashayed her way in.

Adele could pretty much burp on a record and it'd be a hit these days, hell, she could've burped this theme to the upcoming 007 flick, starring Daniel Craig, and it'd be in-tune and gorgeously epic. Well, I'm glad she didn't half-step as we wouldn't have gotten such a slaying near-five minute opus that pretty much revives the Bond theme formula, revitalizing it for a brand new generation.

Following in typical Bond theme fashion, "Skyfall" is cloaked in an orchestral swirl that features Adele doing what she does best and that is sing --- and sing in various textures and tones mind you. It has to be said that Adele channels Bond disciple Shirley Bassey a la "Diamonds Are Forever", by building the anticipation from a quiet rumble into a shimmering finale, yet she doesn't over-step her bounds and comes off as classy as she always is on this gaudy number. Penned by Adele and constant songwriting partner, Paul Epworth, "Skyfall" doesn't have the same confessional guise that dresses up Adele's usual material, but that isn't the worry here. The focal point is all on Adele as she proves (once again) that her voice is a true treasure and hearing it just glide in effervescent splendor over this is the real beauty embedded in this gorgeous track. Be transported by checking after the cut for the full audio to "Skyfall".

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