First Impressions: The Prelude To Ayah

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

In case you really wanted to know, I have been writing obsessively since grade school. I can remember some of the first stories I wrote, even a magazine I compiled together while dreaming of the day I would become a magazine editor --- fitted blazers, cocktails, and all (boy, did I watch too much TV). My mother still thinks those first stories and articles I penned are the greatest pieces of literature in the world, but well, I can attest and say that I got better over the years, much better. Looking back through all those early scratchings is an eye-opener to see how far I've come. Even on this here blog, my writing has gotten better. I really humor you to look back in the archives during the blog's first year....

Yikes. Sorry about that.

So I find Ayah rather brave to unearth tracks from the year 2007 and release them to the public considering. I mean, it's hard enough to share a part of yourself to the public as an artist, but to share a part of yourself from many moons ago...bravo. Still like my early writings and blog beginnings, you can tell that there is something a-brewing there, something of promise.

For a mere $4 Ayah is letting you do the time warp with her on Ayahludes a four-track collective that hints of what was to come from her prior to mixtapes like Trouble Woman and 4:15, and collaborative efforts with DJ Jazzy Jeff and Sandie Black. Back in '07 Ayah was on her game, as her smoky alto and R&B know-how just charm and drape over tracks like "Live The Life" and "Walk", she even squeezes in a nifty Patrice Rushen sample on "Something About You". Really nothing has marginally changed, as she gives the sweet soulful goods here, but we all know that the evolution of Ayah over the years has been a real treat to witness so there ya go. Still Ayahludes is a great ride for just mere dollars, so I suggest you take a listen, hop over to Bandcamp for the purchase, and enjoy a dip back into the past.

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