First Impressions: Solange's 'Losing You' Is Our Gain

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

It's really no secret that I prefer the younger Knowles to the elder. Solange Knowles just seems more, I don't know, real to me. As if she'd actually got deodorant stains on her clothes, didn't really count calories, and just seemed like someone who'd shoot soda out of her nose when she laughs really hard (not like I do that or anything...). After misjudging her based on the DNA she shares, I actually came away loving her 2008 debut, Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams, and pretty much ate my crow pie.

With her series of singles (like "I Decided", especially the Freemasons remix) and album favorites (like "Dancing In The Dark" and Bilal assisted "Cosmic Journey") Solange made me seriously want more from her on the music front as she brought a sense of uniqueness to the R&B park. Solange has kept pretty quiet since '08 (save for the occasional guest-spot like on Theophilus London's mighty fine "Flying Overseas"), but really if you are a fashion-fiend like I am, you've been swooning over her stylish threads in various spreads and campaigns marking Solange's foray into the fashion world as an all-around win. Now Solange is back at the mic, and has uncorked the lovely "Losing You" --- a song that does so much, in the little space that it's provided.

Produced by Blood Orange's Dev Hynes, "Losing You" holds you in a suspended air of brisk 80's New Wave synths that are peppered with a backdrop of clap-trap rhythmic beats and the vocalist's melodic coos that have her drifting in a Jody Watley state of mind (Shalamar or solo --- the pick is really yours). Orange Julius creamy and frothy it all is as it steers off the beaten path of the moody down-tempos of current and instead opts to glide into a breezy mesh of pop and R&B that leads, not follows. In short: This song is just plain good.

The sweet whipped cream topper is the visual (which you can view after the cut), which is directed by Melina Matsoukas and shot on location in Cape Town, South Africa. Some are seeing snatched inspirations of Janet Jackson's "Got Til It's Gone" visual in it, but Solange's take on the vibrancy and style of the city's inhabitants doesn't really bite off that much. In fact, this video is a lot brighter, less message-heavy than Jackson's iconic visual, and still equally as engaging as we see Solange strut and frolic around a cast of vivid characters. So yes, Solange dot's all her 'i's' and crosses all her 't's' with her return, kicking things off for her next album to a delicious start.


  1. Yeh Solange is handling her business. I am sure the record is going to go hard. I bought the EP off of iTunes, it was another solid track in "Sleep in the Park" you may want to check for. Her video is what an influenced video should be, so she did a good job.-QH

    1. I just keep getting more and more impressed with Solange. Hate to say it but she's done more envelope pushing things than Bey has done...ever.

      Yeah, "Sleep In The Park" is pretty damn decent too. I wrote about it at SB:

      Not as stellar as "Losing You", but still is catchy enough to play in a loop. I'm very ready for this new album, especially if she's bringing goods like this.


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