Happy 4th Blogiversary, Audio Diva!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Hello. Is this thing on?

To give you the Cliff Notes version of this blogiversary post: No, I'm not deleting this blog.

Doesn't that always pop up in these kind of long-winded 'milestone' blog posts? Someone talks about how much they hate the word 'blogiversary', how wonderful life has been since opening the blog, how many so many awesome sauce things they've gotten to do since agreeing to the terms and service on their blogspace provider, how many times they've actually wanted to delete the blog out of 'WRITER IS GOING INSANE!!!' times, and then whammo! they tell you at the end that they are actually deleting it, it's been a great four years, kiss the dalmatian and the kids for me and adios? I mean, what a rude downer thing to do.

I don't like doing that.

It's wrong and it hurts people.

So if you're looking to find out if this blog is going ka-put, I'll save you the anguish, it's.not.going.anywhere, grab some cake and Hawaiian Punch, and post your happy blogiversary greetings in the comments on the way out. But if you'd like to take the blue pill and find yourself in word wonderland, than by all means read ahead....

So it's that time again. Time for me to reminisce on the love I have for this blog, and now that it's at four years of age, I'm beginning to see it mature and evolve in a way that I am feeling much better about it since it's (pretty crappy) opening. It's talking more, can sit up, eat with a fork, and can smell through the daily bullshit and say full sentences. I like that.

Nothing will really drastically change in the coming year --- as I don't follow a script when it comes to this blog --- but over the course of this year you've probably already seen my attitude and writing style change among these blog posts, and it's all because I have found myself growing as a writer, and as a person. This year, I even found myself taking a big evolving step writing for the wonderful music site, SoulBounce, a blog that I have long admired and enjoyed reading over the years. I took it as a real honor to become a contributing editor over there and have so far been happy with extending myself past Audio Diva's backyard.

Due to all this evolving, my music tastes have grown and mutated. I'm thinking ~deeper~ and trying to make you the reader think a little deeper too as music isn't just someone la-di-da-ing all over the place (okay, well Rihanna does do that) and its writing shouldn't boil down to just me posting a video and calling it a day. A song, video or an album deserves more than just two sentences of description, doesn't it? Also since I still hold onto the dream of being a tea sipping, schmoozing novelist, my pieces have gotten to be longer, wordier even, with me really doing my best to research each post I put out to give you guys the best quality. You guys, the readers, are my guinea pigs, as I bend and shape my writing style to where my perfectionist self sees fit.

Still I stick by the miracle of starting this blog back in 2008. It was for fun and to distract from bouts of depression, but has sense become a calling when I really wasn't looking for it. Even when things look bleak and when I want to give up and do a 'practical job' where I can actually see a paycheck, this blog continues to actually be of use to people, and that's what I do enjoy about it at the end of the day --- not to mention the opportunity for me to share and talk music with like-minded people. Hopefully, I will be able to expand on this blog, feed it fresh ideas, as well as show the five loyal readers that I have of it that I can talk outside of the music conversation, because I am interested in that too. But we'll take baby steps to that.

So to wrap all of this up so you can get back to your cake, I once again want to thank with my whole heart each and every one of you who has ever read, commented, linked me back, contacted me, extended some sort of warm greeting towards me, etc. I really and truly appreciate you guys, from the fellow bloggers to the readers to the lurkers, for making this blog what it is and for keeping me on my toes and motivating me to keep on going even when things don't always seem so crystal clear in my life.

Oh, like I mentioned, I'm over at SoulBounce as well writing about even more music, so follow me through my archives here. Also if you ever want to drop me a line or chat about music (or offer me a writing job, I'm kidding, *in a deep voice* no I'm not...) my e-mail box is always open and I'm always over at Tumblr acting like a reblogging fool so don't hesitate to follow and say 'hey'!

Okay, I'm done yammering, thank you to everyone for giving this blog yet another great year, and....love said, let the music play!


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