Recycle It!: Geri Halliwell Classes Up "Wannabe"

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The 90's have officially grown-up. *wall slides and cries*

Still thanks to numerous blogs and Tumblrs dedicated to the decade of Tamagotchis and the phrase "as if!" I can engage in some 90's flashback fodder without feeling the growing pains. Plus in recent months those days of my coming-of-age yore have really regurgitated with the quickness. Case in point: the 2012 Olympics. I had a downright spasm seeing the Spice Girls strut on stage and give a short medley of their hits, and while watching I felt eleven-years-old again --- just minus the shame and the metallic hurt of braces.

Speaking of the Spices, one of the Spices came off the rack to do a little rendezvous in the cover songs arena, and the results will surprise you.

I kind of applaud when dance artists recover their own big uptempo hits, but do them where there all slowed down just to be all classy n' crap like that. So hearing Geri Halliwell (aka Ginger Spice) give the Spices massive debut hit "Wannabe" a wonderful slow down, I was pretty much game from jump. Oh, and Geri delivers, delivers it all in a classy, well-controlled affair that is pleasing to my ear. From this listen can really hear the woman empowerment radiate through the song (sadly, no "zig-a-zig-ah's" are present...) which made it perfect for Halliwell to perform it at the UK charity concert, the Breast Cancer Care Show (as remember October is breast cancer awareness month!) in all of its acoustic glow. Seriously, "Wannabe" is a completely different song with Halliwell taking it to task. If you haven't tried to engage in the Spices solo offerings you are really missing out, as their individual vocal talents weren't nothing to sneer at.

Oh, and psst...I am currently wrapping up a big ol' Wipe Off The Dust post concerning their 1996 debut album, Spice turning the Sweet Sixteen this year, but while you clutch the pearls and wait, give the smooth slow down of "Wannabe" a little go-round below, and download it for free if it fancies you.

H/T: Pop On And On

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