Album Watch: Picking Up Nanna.B's 'Vitaphone'

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Yours truly is taking on National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) this month which entails me embroiling myself in 30 days of writing abandon. I'm not expecting the perfect prose ("the first drafts of anything is shit" says Papa Hemingway) but I'm expecting it to be the hand slap to the bottom for me to get the novel that has been rattling around in my brain for years now out on paper (aka Microsoft Word documents).

During this time, I have been gathering up tuneage as the soundtrack to all the "fancy" scribe-ing I'll be doing. As someone who dislikes interruptions while on writing jags, nothing beats an album that can play from first song to last without skips. So few albums achieve this, but one such album that follows this criteria perfectly is Nanna.B's Vitaphone. Deriving its name of a Basquait painting, Vitaphone (meaning "life" and "sound") is a trek into a dreamy and hypnotic blend of Jazz, Soul, and some dense Electronica, and it is some real decadence. The wonderful debut single, "Sum O' Sometimes" isn't just the Danish dame's one trick, as other slices of magic unfold. She tests some 90's trip-hop waters on "Keep On Moving" while giving a perfect love hangover on "Utopian Love", then flows into delicious dives like "Fresh New Thing" and "Sunday High".

With Nanna.B's sweetly soft vocals, no two songs are alike on this set, and its immediate uniqueness will draw some comparisons to Amel Larrieux and the early words and sounds of Jill Scott. At a name-your-price purchase over at the singer's Bandcamp spot, Vitaphone is a real work of soul art (just look at that album cover!), and it shouldn't be passed up. So while I'm immersed churning out the 'Great American Novel' with Vitaphone comfortably playing in the background to great intellectual effect, take the album down stream for yourself below.

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