Artist Watch: Lili K & Peter Cottontale Sprinkle Some 'Metal Petals'

Friday, November 30, 2012

Now don't go all being confused thinking your childhood reads crossed over with your music bloggatry, this isn't your Reading Rainbow's Peter Cottontail, more like Peter Cottontale is one half of a singer-producer duo strutting out of Chi Town, making waves, taking names, that kind of thing.  

The singer-producer approach is nothing new, and we've been seen it in oodle abundance this year alone, but it never fails to be where two make everything go right and out of sight. Lili K and Peter Cottontale are yet another twosome that have won me over, and they make a combo platter of dreams on their new EP, Metal Petals. With a refined hand in what is melodic soul and morose electronica/hip-hop, the aptly titled Metal Petals plays feather light (Lili K's coo-ing jazz inspired vocals) and steel strong (Cottontale's production ) and the opposites attract. I really was engaged when I gave "Never Ever", "Highlight The Moon" and single, "Curtain Call" a spin, as they were just the type of dreamy soul that I have a affinity for (in reference to: Ayah, Jessie Ware, and KING).

Their debut EP, A Prelude To Hello (which is also available for a free download), started things off rather nicely (I really like "Good News"), but with Metal Petals the extension of the two's talents is even more realized. Take a listen, download for free, and catch onto the fire they are kindling.

[H/T: NappyAfro]


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