First Impressions: Mariah Carey Brings It Home For Tribute To President Obama

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I'm breathing a little easier and walking a little taller today after last night's historic US presidential election where President Barack Obama was re-elected for a second term. This election season had me in completely knots, especially in those last excruciating hours. My anxiety levels were at its maximum peak, I even turned down second helpings of dinner and it was fried chicken and extra-buttered rice (my favorite!) --- all around it just wasn't a good look for me and I'm glad that things are back to my private (dis)order today.

During his victory speech, Obama mentioned that the 'best is yet to come' when it comes to moving America forward. In my heart, I do believe that the President is correct, the best is yet to come the second time around, especially with the air of progress waffling about. Someone else who is aligned in similar thought is Miss Mariah Carey as she too presses forward with a brand new song to commemorate this historic moment.

"Bring It On Home" is a fitting tribute to President Obama, and shock!awe!gasp! it's Mariah and long-time producing co-hort, Jermaine Dupri, at their dynamic best. Carey performed this Gospel-tinged number at a fundraiser for Obama back in the summer months, and we're now all hearing the finale glossy studio version and it is tops. Yes, you heard me "tops", because I'm proper like that.

I know, I know, I have long critiqued and cringed over Mama Lamb's newer output, but its because I know she's capable of better---and this IS the better I'm talking about. Short, sweet and to the point, "Bring It On Home" highlights the pros of a Carey-Dupri collaborative when it is simplified and features Mariah in full vocal control, hitting these delicious sweet spots that take the song off into a glorious flight. So get empowered and exhale with me as you press play.

Mariah Carey - Bring It On Home (Tribute To President Obama)

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